Volker Benkert,


Volker Benkert studied history and English at the Universities of Bonn, Edinburgh, St. Petersburg, and Fribourg. He graduated with a master's degree from the University of Bonn and a doctorate from the University of Potsdam. His research focuses on the impact of sudden regime change on biographies in 20th century Germany and Europe. In addition to relying on traditional sources, he utilizes extended biographical interviews. Furthermore, he is interested in the formation and function of discourses on the totalitarian past on an individual and collective level. Identifying pervasive discourse patterns particularly among ordinary Germans helps to reveal the transmission of often apologetic views of the past over generations.


Benkert teaches upper-division courses in modern German and European history as well as the Western Civilization and Global History surveys.


Marc Vance, 

PhD Student

Marc Vance has always had a passion for the past and decided to pursue a degree in US History in 2014. After finishing his undergrad through the Starbucks College Achievement Plan in 2017, he immediately began pursuing his masters degree.